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Coon Rapids Service Core Values

Coon Rapids Service Core Values

  • Respect- We respect our team members, our clients and their property. And will work hard to earn and retain their respect in return.
  • Progress- We believe that our business will only grow if our people grow. We encourage our team to go that extra mile and we support them with both personal and professional growth.
  • Quality- We strive to provide a service and experience that is unmatched by an other Auto Repair Facility
  • Honesty– Being open and honest about everything is of the utmost importance. It builds trust, which we feel, is the backbone for a long lasting relationship.
  • Excellence- We deliver quality service, of high value, and work hard to constantly raise the bar. Our clients deserve the best, and we will provide that.



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reviewiconTires, near Coon Rapids, CO

We had a hole in our tire on our way home to Colorado and they fixed it quickly at no cost! Very glad we stopped in. They really saved us

, 08/28/2023


ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)
IATN (International Automotive Technicians' Network)
Credit First
Nationwide Warranty
Car Care Aware